FK1000, FK1250 & Taunus Transit


Production Period: 11/1953 - 07/1965
Production Quantity: 255.824 pieces from German production
Production Plant: Cologne (DE) – the body was built by Drauz in Heilbronn
Engines: OHV 1,2l "Eifel", OHV 1,5 & 1,7l "P3-egine"
Body Types: Box Truck, Minivan, Platform Truck, Chassis for special bodies
Model Variants: FK1000 (1953-1961), FK1250 (1958-1961), Taunus Transit 1000 and 1250 (1961-1965), Taunus Transit 800 (1962-1965), Taunus Transit 1500 (1963-1965)

The whole series is called "FK1000" or "Taunus Transit", in our shop it is called "FK1000-1250"

The numbers next to the model name indicate the payload in kilograms. The 800 was referred to as a "station wagon" and was mostly used as a minivan for passenger transport, including as "panorama" with roof edge glazing. The 800 had 13-inch wheels (instead of 15 inch) and therefore a different, longer-geared rear axle. The Taunus Transit 1500 is a special case with a Salisbury truck rear axle and twin tires. This one always had the 1700 engine with 60 HP installed and a brake system with brake booster.