Why, why, why

For almost 30 years, our team has been taking care of supplying you with the car-parts you need so they are traffic-ready. We all see our task not only as a job, but we do it with compassion and we care about our and your old and new cars.

Why this explanation?

Every now and then we are asked: "Why is it so expensive?" - "Why is this taking so long?" To understand why it sometimes takes longer than with Zoolando and Amokzon, we ask you to read the following:

Our range does not consist of Chinese articles you can get at "every corner".
Many parts are no longer available from the parts manufacturers and we have to decide for each specific part whether there is enough demand for post-production and whether we can pre-finance production in small quantities at an acceptable price.
For some parts that are absolutely necessary to maintain the vehicles, we also have to bite the bullet and initiate a reproduction that may only pay for itself in 10 years.

If you need a part that we have not yet reproduced, we will research whether and under what conditions it can still be procured anywhere in the world.

Such "special cases" are the order of the day with us, and they cannot be handled with standardized routines. We need time for research and have costs in procurement.

But even seemingly simple orders have to be checked carefully for plausibility before they are sent. Some spare parts are available in three versions in the same year of construction - it is important to avoid mistakes on our part and on yours. We cannot and do not want to send your parts in all possible sizes and colors and enclose a free return slip. On the one hand we cannot do this for economic reasons and on the other hand we do not want to contribute to filling the streets with senseless truck trips.