Taunus 12M & 15M (G13 & G4B)



Taunus 12M (G13)



Production Period: 01/1952-08/1962
Production Quantity: 245.614 pieces
Production Plants: Cologne (DE)
Engines: OHV 1,2l "Eifel" & 1,5l "P3-engine"
Body Types: 2-door sedan, 3-door estate, Cabrio, Pick-up, Box Truck

12M/15M  (G13 & G4B)

The Taunus G13 was introduced in 1952 as a 12m, with the distinctive globe on the front.
From 1955, Ford also offered the 15m "Weltkugel", which was replaced in September 1959 by the 12m "Streifentaunus".
This was then produced until 1962 and replaced by the 12m (P4).

From the "Weltkugel"-Taunus Ford also offered a cheaper Ligth-Taunus 12 without an M - the designation there is G13A. If there is an S behind the designation - it means that it is a Taunus 12m with a 1.5 liter engine.
At the Streifentaunus there was only one 12m, regardless of whether it had the 1.2 liter basic engine or the 1.5 liter engine, which is subject to a surcharge.
In the Streifentaunus the 1.2 liter version is called G13AL and the 1.5 liter Taunus 12m is called G13ALS G stands for produced in Germany, 1 for the year of construction 1951, 3 is the code letter for the 1.2 liter engine A means car L is the obligatory luxury version.