Themba Labantu e.V.

The aim of the organization is to create better future opportunities through education, sport and social skills.
This is realized through the support of the community center of the same name.

A sponsorship program was set up, the income from which could be used to set up and finance the areas of kindergarten, school or various leisure activities such as sports, music and theater in the community center.
Up to 500 children and young people get a warm lunch every day, receive their school uniform and all school materials. They are supervised and supported with their homework and can then use the leisure activities.
They should be empowered to assert themselves in the difficult environment of the township and to successfully graduate from school. In this way, they can succeed in being able to leave this environment for once through education.
Information on the sponsorship program:

Another important area is helping people to help themselves.
The arts and crafts sector was strongly promoted right from the start and through the creation of a sales market in Germany, it could also be systematically expanded.
The main handicrafts are ceramics made in the community center and the wide variety of beadwork typical of South Africa, which is particularly in demand around Christmas time.
We have many key rings, Christmas cards, Christmas tree decorations, calendars and also a very large range of ceramics in our store.
You can shop here during our regular shop opening hours.

If someone does not live nearby but would still like to order dishes or beadwork from Themba Labantu for themselves, please email the association directly:
Margarete Doppler:
The new deliveries do not always arrive in exactly the same color combinations as shown in the pictures.
However, you can of course specify rough color requests for the main color that you would like, unfortunately we cannot take detailed color requests into account.

You can find more information about the work on site and the work of the organization at:

And here is a vivid example of the work on site from the perspective of a volunteer who worked at the community center for a year in 2016:

Ceramic and Bead Work

In our shop we always have a large assortment of ceramics, pearl works and some other beautiful things in stock, which are hand-made in the township Philippi in Cape Town.
You are welcome to purchase them directly from us. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Themba Labantu project.

Here are some impressions:

Themba Labantu e.V.

keychains for your Ford

handmade beadwork from "Themba Labantu"

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