Bonus Points

Bonus points that you collect by posting in our forums or posting pictures in the gallery can be exchanged for certain items when you buy spare parts.
Your score will be displayed on the bottom left of the home page after logging in.
When you are logged in, you can see which articles can be purchased with bonus points in the online shop.

Please note

Please note that shipping costs also apply if you only order bonus items. It is therefore advisable to order bonus items when purchasing spare parts.

The following bonus points are available for your contributions:

  • Registration as a user: 75 points
  • Visit (per day): 5 points
  • Forum post: 5 points
  • Rating given: 3 points
  • Score received: 1-5 points
  • Upload in the gallery: 10 points

Moderators receive 50 bonus points a month. If you want to manage a forum area as a moderator, please send us an email.