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Part nr. Description Condition Car model Price
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new Taunus
16.90 EUR 19.60 EUR

NEW in the shop

gasket differential cover (light axle, small differential cover, 203mm high)
bonnet contact screw on upper reinforcement panel
engine compartment sticker set (sheet with 11 stickers, like original)
clip brake line (for 1 line, please see picture)
gearbox-manual gasket gearbox casing to bell (5-speed, type 9)
valve inlet OHC 2,0l standard (disk-Ø=42,0mm)
gearbox-manual crank spigot bearing (pilot bearing) OHC 1,3-2,0l (21,0 x 15,0 mm)
camshaft bearing set V6 2,0-2,3l 4-pieces standard (inner-Ø front 41,9mm)
rear axle - suspension spring damping pad upper
front axle - track control arm upper (reproduction, without guide joint, incl. polyurethane bushes)