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used P3
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brake pedal rubber pad
front axle - spring strut insert (shock absorber insert) oil-filled (from chassis-nr. 730919)
master brake cylinder (front disk brake, only estate, up to chassis-nr. 814864, piston-Ø 19,05mm)
engine oil drain plug
front axle - anti roll bar (sway bar) mounting bush "HD Polyurethane" (set of 2 pieces for 1 car)
fuel tank cap sedan (not lockable, vented, stainless steel)
brake hose front (drum brakes)
ornamental cover rear panel right hand (from chassis-nr. 516366)
wheel brake cylinder rear (front drum brakes, Ø 20,64mm, only estate)
sill (body rocker panel) complete left hand (original, 2-door)