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wheel nut for alloy rim original "RS" (flat seat with washer, black, M12 x 1,5mm)
accelerator pedal guiding bush (LHD & RHD, plastic, you need 2 per car)
engine compartment sticker set (sheet with 11 stickers, like original)
windscreen washing system pump (electrical, pump is mounted on reservoir, water is directly taken out of the reservoir from a 21mm-hole, original)
ignition lock complete (with locking cylinder & 2 keys)
sealing ring valve stem OHV 1,0-1,1l 29-39kW (oil screening cap)
timing gear set V6 2,0l 2-pieces (plastic type, smooth running and durable)
brake anchor plate rear boot at wheel brake cylinder and swiveling lever
rear parcel shelf guiding bar (set with 2 end sleeves)
clip bumper edge plastic