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Motomobil // COVID-19 information


Dear customers,

even if it - at the moment! - looks as we can control the Covid pandemic relatively well in Germany, we respect the advice of experts, who all see no signs of all-clear yet.

The known measures therefore remain in force for an undetermined period:

  • The store is closed to customers.
  • Ordered parts cannot be picked up.
  • As many colleagues as possible work from home.
  • There may be waiting times when accepting telephone inquiries.
  • The phone time ends at 5 p.m.

Please send us inquiries of any kind preferably by email or via the contact form. The answer comes as soon as possible - but it can also take a day or two.

Regarding shipping, please note:
>>> Runtimes of 2 weeks or more, even for small packages, are currently not excluded. For some countries or their regions we still have partial or even total lockdowns for parcel delivieries.

All shipping service providers almost collapse under the extremely increased amount of parcels sent. They have cope a doubled workload with a reduced workforce. As long as we all buy everyday goods not in the (open) corner shop but on the "Internet", that won't change anytime soon.

It may take several days for your package to be scanned for the first time after it has been collected from us. Until then it may not appear in the shipment tracking. Please understand that there is no point in complaining in such cases or requesting a replacement delivery. And there is no point in saying that the other parcel arrived after 2 days only... If the package was sent, it simply means: wait.

Maybe we should all take the opportunity and recognize what is really important.
The health of all of us should be highlighted on this list.

Your Motomobil team.


Websites on Covid-19:

>>> Robert-Koch-Institut

>>> German Federal Health Secretary

>>> Johns-Hopkins-University*

(* this page is extremely interesting if you want to look at the countries concerned in comparison)

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