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Shipping and fees

Versandkostentabellen Standard measure and weight parcels are sent with DHL and DPD within Germany. Parcel to foreign countries are sent with DHL International Premium, within Europe also with DPD, if possible. You can find details about measures, weight, bulky goods and costs in the tables behind the following links.
We can only ask for your understanding that gramm-wise calculation of parcel tariffs is not possible since the services are invoiced also to us on the basis of a minimum parcel weight of one kilogram.
Why are the final and definitive shipping fees not displayed alredy while ordering?

DHL (POST) DPD  send me a letter?       
Germany Germany collecting your goods
Abroad Abroad

Please be advised that the delivery periods given there refer to the running times of DPD and DHL and not to our proceeding time on your order.

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NEW in the shop

steering rod middle (reproduction)
rear axle - shock absorber gas-filled "SPAX" (adjustable from outside of the car, shortened, for lowering 60mm)
rear axle - differential bearing lateral (from chassis-nr. 1051153)
front axle - wheel bearing grease cap (not "RS", "MEXICO" & "TWIN CAM")
connecting rod bearing nut V6 2,0-2,8l (old type, only for use with 15362070)
brake adjustment kit rear (only twin tyres, for both sides)
gasket thermostat cover 1,5-1,8l
mud flap set rear black (for single tyres, reproduction, set for both sides)