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Scorpio Mk1
Production time:
Body variations: 5-door hatchback sedan, 5-door estate

Scorpio Mk2
Production time:
Output: 2.700.500 cars (Mk1 and Mk2)
Body Variations: 4-door sedan, 5-door estate

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Ford P6 15m RS 1. Serie
GT 40 Replika
Knudsen Taunus 1975
Ford Capri 2800 Superinjection
МК! 1975
Fritzinger Clon
69er 17m 1800s
Mein Fiesta ST
Granada 2,6 V6 Ghia Coupé

NEW in the shop

engine oil drain plug V6 2,4-2,9i 92-152kW
crankshaft main bearing set V6 2,9i 143-152kW "RS Cosworth" BOA & BOB 8-pieces +0,25mm oversize (for integrated thrust washers)
cylinder head dowel inside engine block V6 2,4-2,9i 92-110kW (L=16,0mm)
rear axle - differential bearing rear
valve guiding bush outlet valve (all engines, may require machining)
wheel spacer long wheel stud M12 x 1,5 x 70mm (13mm knurled-Ø)
valve guiding bush inlet valve (all engines, may require machining)
rear axle - differential bearing front
valve inlet V6 2,9i 107kW oversize +0,2mm (only for regulated catalyst)