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front wing left hand (reproduction, steel, without hole for side flasher)
wiper arm windscreen cover cap
front axle - track control arm guide joint upper (you need 2 per car)
clutch bearing hub
battery support panel fixing clamp
crankshaft main bearing set V6 2,0-2,8i 8-pieces standard (for integrated thrust washers)
rear axle - differential bearing lateral (light axle, small differential cover, 203mm high)
crankshaft main bearing set V6 2,0-2,8i 8-pieces +0,25mm oversize (for integrated thrust washers)
gearbox-manual synchronous ring 1st & 2nd gear (4-speed, type C)
rear axle - drive shaft gasket to axle housing (FT 125-175, german axle with differential cover with 12 screws)