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new Capri
11.80 EUR 14.04 EUR

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wheel hub cap for alloy rim original 6,0 x 13 (4 spokes, original "RS"-option)
oil seal layshaft front OHC 1,3-2,0l
thermostat OHV 1,3-1,6l 75° (use for summer operation, without gasket)
wiper blade windscreen silver (380mm, per piece, incl. adaptor for 8,5mm U-style fixing & flat fixing)
weatherstrip sliding roof (reproduction, only for vinyl roof)
cylinder head stud to exhaust manifold V6 3,0l
cylinder head stud to exhaust manifold OHV 1,3-1,6l
wheel brake cylinder rear retaining spring & retainer (set of 4 for 1 car)
front axle - spring strut bump stop (not 2,8i)
door locking pin black