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gear-shift lever damping bushing inside gearbox neck (gearbox type E)
gearbox-manual crank spigot bearing (pilot bearing) V6 2,0-2,8i (21,0 x 15,0 mm, 4-speed gearbox)
fuel tank cap (not lockable, vented, stainless steel, not Diesel)
themostat V4 1,7l 82° (for summer operation, without gasket)
valve outlet V6 2,0l oversize +0,2mm (1-groove valve spring retainer lock, plate-Ø 30,2mm)
valve outlet OHC 2,0l standard (disk-Ø=36,0mm)
gearbox-manual gasket cover to gearbox casing (4-speed, type B)
timing gear set V4 1,7l 3-pieces (camshaft gear alloy - balance shaft gear steel)
camshaft fixing plate fastening screw V4 1,7l (screw head height = 2,00mm)
radiator hose lower V6 2,0-2,8l