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gear-shift linkage fixing clip
throttle control cable V6 2,0-2,3l (only manual gearbox, only LHD)
front axle - wheel bearing kit (per side)
valve cover reinforcement plate V6 2,0l (straight type, you need 4 per car)
engine crankshaft ventilation connection hose valve cover to regulating valve V4 1,5-1,7l 60-65HP
front axle - anti roll bar (sway bar) repair kit outer to tension strut (9-pieces, per side, incl. standard bushings)
switch door contact (design like original)
weatherstrip rear window Coupé (only in connection with plastic moulding, reproduction)
connecting rod bearing set 1,5-1,8l 8-pieces standard
gear-shift lever floor shifted gearbox plastic bearing