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Vorkasse - Langsamste Zahlungsweise Prepayment
  • Slowest way to pay
  • Your order will be made ready to ship, then we will send you an order confirmation with all details and the total amount to be paid.
  • Shipping usually takes place on the day of receipt of payment, at the latest on the next working day.
  • After your transfer until receipt of the payment on our account can take up to 3 working days! Dies liegt nicht an uns, sondern an den beteiligten Banken. This is not up to us, but to the banks involved.

Note: Please do not make any payments before we request with an order confirmation or an invoice!

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NEW in the shop

brake shoes set rear (Ø 203mm x 38mm) V4 1,3-1,5l (complete kit for one axle)
sill (body rocker panel) complete right hand (original, 2-door)
valve guiding bush outlet valve (all engines, may require machining)
fuel pump push rod OHC 1,3-1,6l (L=44mm)
water pump OHC 1,6-2,0l (only for viscous coupling)
timing gear set V4 1,2-1,5l 3-pieces (camshaft gear alloy - balance shaft gear steel)
timing belt camshaft OHC 2,0l (replacement interval = 80.000km)
water pump V6 3,0l