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Other marques and models using FORD-technology:

  • Matra 530 (V4 engine and gearbox of the Ford P6) - spare parts in the shop
  • Saab 96 (V-4 engine of the Ford P6) - spare parts in the shop
  • Morgan 4/4 (Kent-OHV)
  • Panther Kalista (drive and chassis of the Taunus)
  • Reliant Scimitar (Essex V6 and Ford transmissions)
  • TVR, different models (Cologne-V6, Essex-V6, Kent-OHV, partly axles and gears)

We are pleased about every note and all information about Ford mass production technology at the above and other manufacturers!

"Manufacturer" in our definition means that the customer bought a complete car. As a rule, the cars carry a chassis number of the company that offered the vehicle on the market. When the vehicle is built, purchased FORD technology is used.

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Ford Mustang II
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Suche Ford OSI
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Taunus Cabrio
Lobbach 2015
Hessentag 2013
Mein 26 m am Tag des Kaufs
Taunus from OldFord Crimea
Am Gardasee 1997