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Motomobil // My FORD // OSI-Ford

OSI 20m TS

Production time: 1967-1968
Manufacturer: Officina Stampaggi Industriali, Turin (Italy)
Output: ca. 2.200 cars
Body: 2-door sports coupé, one single convertible as prototype
Technical: chassis and drive Ford P5 und P7, V6 engines with 2,0 or 2,3 Litern capacity

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NEW in the shop

engine oil drain plug V6 2,0-2,8i
radiator hose water tube to water outlet neck V6 2,0l
front axle - spring strut insert (shock absorber insert) oil-filled
steering rod outer adjusting tube (long type)
switch emergency flasher system round (late models, reproduction, 6 pins, original plug has to be cut off and cables have to be adapted)
valve outlet V6 2,0l oversize +0,4mm (1-groove valve spring retainer lock, plate-Ø 30,2mm)
gasket water pump cover rear V6 2,0-2,3l
clutch release lever boot
exhaust manifold V6 right hand 2,0-2,3l
weatherstrip boot lid (profile, 4m)