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Motomobil // My FORD // OSI-Ford

OSI 20m TS

Production time: 1967-1968
Manufacturer: Officina Stampaggi Industriali, Turin (Italy)
Output: ca. 2.200 cars
Body: 2-door sports coupé, one single convertible as prototype
Technical: chassis and drive Ford P5 und P7, V6 engines with 2,0 or 2,3 Litern capacity

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2,3L granada 1984 (Kristiansund)
15M TS Coupé
my lovely car
Alles 2.8er
Knudsen Turnier
Moss Malvern
mk2  1.6

NEW in the shop

steering tie rod end inner right hand (long version, ca. 30cm lenght)
engine crankshaft ventilation connection hose valve cover to regulating valve V6 2,0-2,3l 90-108HP ("SOLEX DDIST"-carburettor)
interior light (without chromed frame, reproduction)
cardan shaft (propshaft) support complete (incl. bearing and rubber)
gasket water pump V6 2,0-2,3l
gearbox-manual synchronous ring 3rd & 4th gear
valve guiding bush inlet valve (all engines, may require machining)
front axle - track control arm bolt to engine mounting member
radiator cap chromed
front axle - anti roll bar (sway bar) repair kit to track control arm (per side)