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new Granada
59.00 EUR 70.21 EUR

NEW in the shop

radiator hose lower OHC 1,6-2,0l
oil seal balance shaft front V4 1,7l
ornamental moulding rear window plastic chromed (profile, 4m, 11mm width)
ignition distributor capacitor condenser OHC 1,6-2,0l ("MOTORCRAFT"-distributor)
ornamental moulding windscreen plastic chromed sedan + estate (profile, 5m, 11mm width)
cylinder head guiding sleeve inside engine block V4 1,7l (L=16,0mm)
outside mirror right hand chromed (not remote controlled, reproduction, incl. mirror base, LHD & RHD)
front axle - anti roll bar (sway bar) mounting bush to tension strut (you need 4 per car)
ignition distributor OHC 2,0l (with distributor contact, "BOSCH"-type, new part)
valve inlet V6 2,3l standard