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Part nr. Description Condition Car model Price
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new P7
35.00 EUR 41.65 EUR

NEW in the shop

rear axle - differential bearing lateral
accelerator pedal guide sleeve
gearbox-manual synchronous spring 1st & 2nd gear
timing gear set V4 1,5-1,7l 3-pieces (camshaft gear plastic - balance shaft gear plastic, smooth running and durable)
connecting rod bearing screw V6 1,8-2,6l (new type, only for use with 10216620)
windscreen washing system t-connection piece (without ball valve)
water pump cover rear V4 1,5-1,7l
camshaft fixing plate fastening screw V6 1,8-2,6l (screw head height = 2,00mm)
battery support panel fixing clamp
steering tie rod end inner left hand (long version, ca. 30cm lenght)