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Part nr. Description Condition Car model Price
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new Granada 2
65.00 EUR 77.35 EUR

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switch reversing light manual gearbox (4-speed, type E, 3/4" thread, reproduction)
brake caliper front locking plate
valve cover reinforcement plate V6 2,0-2,8i (cambered type, you need 10 per car)
valve outlet V4 1,7l standard
rear axle - differential bearing front
connecting rod bearing screw V4 1,7l (new type, only for use with 10216620)
valve inlet OHC 2,0l standard (disk-Ø=42,0mm)
ornamental moulding rear window plastic chromed (profile, 4m, 11mm width)
wiper blade rear window silver (only estate, 380mm, per piece)
fuel pump push rod OHC 1,6l (L=44mm)