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Transit-Buch     Hobby-Archiv: Ford
Cult transporter, motorhome platform, chic van, once also heavy loaded  donkey between Germany and Turkey - all this is the Ford Transit. In any case, it is a million best seller, built in Europe, Asia and America, sold in more than 100 countries.
Ford Transit - these are also 65 years of squabbles between British and German developers, with technical pioneering achievements and curiosities. Ford Transit - that's just one for all. In this book, they drive forward, the forerunner models Ford FK, the iconic generation between 1965 and 1985, the sleek van from 1986, the versatile van and vans of today. A must for transit fans and for transporter connoisseurs.
German language, 160 pages, bound with dust jacket, 250 x 300 mm, ISBN 978-3-95843-793-7
 "Hobby" was one of the most read  techical magazines in Western Germany from the 1950ies to 80ies. Out of their huge archive you will find in this volume the best on the subject of Ford. "20 M TS: wonder weapon or paper tiger," it says there, or the Ford models compete in large comparison tests against the competition from VW and Opel. In addition to the sales success Taunus, the editorial staff at that time, of course, dealt with the Golf opponent Escort, the upper-class representative Granada and the pioneering Sierra. The trendsetter coupe Capri was also a regular topic. All reports are presented as reprints, as authentic as they are nostalgic.
German language, 208 pages, flexible cover, 170 x 240 mm, ISBN 978-3-95843-760-9

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Escort mk1 1300 Sport 3
meine kleine efi
meine Maya 2
Mein Fiesta
Mein Restaurierter XR2
Knudsen Taunus 1975
Consul Kombi 73
Taunus Coupé


schönes Taunus Coupé
Taunus Mk2
rear view
Taunus Coupé
Unser   " Onkel Jupp "
2,8i turbo
Konrad on TOUR

NEW in the shop

valve outlet OHC 1,3l standard
weatherstrip rear window (only bus, for 1-wing rear door, not for moulding)
front axle - spring strut bump stop (not 2,8i)
weatherstrip door glass outer 2-door right hand (original, not with mouldings for window frame)
turn indicator lens yellow (not "RS"-model, for "HELLA" headlamp, please compare picture)
brake pedal rubber pad
ornamental moulding hood (not "GHIA", reproduction)
bumper edge front right hand (reproduction, like original, incl. plug cap)
wheel brake cylinder boot rear inner
cardan shaft (propshaft) joint gearbox flange to gearbox (Ø35mm 25 teeth, please compare picture)