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Welcome at Motomobil, the FORD old- and youngtimer professionals!

We deliver spares and accessories for your FORD and cars using FORD technology:

No German, no English?

Since acting global, this website offers most of its contents in English as well as in German. We know well that there are a number of other languages spoken in Europe and all over the world, but it is not possible to present all our contents in all of them.

Actually we will manage to communicate with our customers also in French, Italian, and Spanish (plus a little Portugese). However we want ask you to send in your inquiry first via e-mail, due to the reason that the staff speaking the given languages will not be in at every time.

For some of your questions you may also find answers in the FAQ, eventually with help by Google Translate.


We do not take responsibility for errors or misunderstanding due to translations of our website generated by Google or any other service.

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Moulded carpet Escort 1 & 2


Ford Mustang II
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Suche Ford OSI
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