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Motomobil // My FORD // Escort  // Mk6 / Mk4

Ford Escort MK6 / Orion MK4

Production time: 08/1992-01/1995
Plants: Saarlouis (D), Genk (B), Port Elizabeth (SA), Cork (IRL), Halewood (GB), Aveley (GB, only AVO-models), Uruguay
Body variations: 4-door sedan, 3- and 5-door hatchback, 5-door station wagon, convertible, van

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FK1000 1956 Originalzustand 1
FK 1250 BJ 1665
White Coach
Höher... höher... immer höher
Turbo May
Granada V6 Ghia
15 Jahre im Parkhaus
Sierra der ersten Stunde (09/1982)
Sinnvolle Endnutzung

NEW in the shop

interior light (only "RS Cosworth", reproduction)
engine oil drain plug DOHC 2,0i 110kW
valve cover DOHC 2,0i 110kW original
front axle - differential bearing left hand (outer-Ø=65mm)
fan motor interior pre-resistor
wheel brake cylinder rear 1,6-1,8l (without ABS)
emblem "FORD" front grille (Oval, self-adhesive, mid-blue)
oil seal crankshaft front CVH 1,4l & 1,4i 52-55kW
rear axle - differential bearing front (only 4WD)
rear axle - differential bearing rear (only 4WD)