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steering mounting rubber to engine mounting member right hand (not for power steering)
gearbox-manual main shaft guide bearing (5-speed, type 9)
brake pads set front (set of 4 pieces for one axle)
front axle - anti roll bar (sway bar) mounting bush Ø 16mm
fuel tank transmitter 1,3-1,6l 54-72HP (1 connection pipe, reproduction)
cylinder head stud to exhaust manifold OHV 1,3-1,6l
radiator fan blade OHV 1,3l (7 blades, Ø=290mm)
rear axle - differential bearing front locking nut (for all axle types)
ignition distributor OHV 1,3-1,6l 54-72HP (with distributor contact, "LUCAS 45D"-type, new part)
cardan shaft (propshaft) joint gearbox flange to gearbox (Ø35mm 25 teeth, please compare picture)