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Motomobil // My FORD // Escort  // Mk3 / Mk1

Escort MK3 / Orion MK1

Production time: 09/1980-12/1985
Plants: Saarlouis (D), Genk (B), Port Elizabeth (SA), Cork (IRL), Halewood (GB), Aveley (GB, only AVO-models), Uruguay
Body variations: 4-door sedan, 3- and 5-door hatchback, 5-door station wagon, convertible, van

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Ford Eifel
88er Ford Orion Bravo
erweitert Stahlräder
Ford Scorpio 2.9 i GL, Jg. 1988
Ford Sierra XR4i
Boot lid "Taunus L"
Lobbach Lobenfeld 2011
Mein erster Ford!

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thermostat OHV 1,1l 37-40kW 75° (use for summer operation, without gasket)
windscreen washing system pump (pump is mounted on reservoir, water is directly taken out of the reservoir, original)
fuel tank filling tube connecting hose (only fuel injection)
brake drum rear 1,1-1,6l 37-71kW (only estate)
thermostat OHV 1,8l "RS 200" (BDT, 75°, use for summer operation, without gasket)
brake drum rear 1,6l 77-96kW
ignition distributor cap OHV 1,1l 37-40kW ("BOSCH"-distributor)
clip bumper edge plastic
oil seal crankshaft front CVH 1,1-1,6i 40-97kW
valve outlet CVH 1,6l 58-71kW standard