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Ford Transit TSF
Mein Schatz
My 20m
Taunus Resto
1976 Capri II, V6, 4 speed
P3 super aus finland
mein Neuer

NEW in the shop

ornamental moulding windscreen plastic chromed (reproduction)
brake drum rear (Ø 203mm x 45mm)
valve guiding bush inlet valve OHV 1,1-1,6l
front axle - anti roll bar (sway bar) mounting bush to track control arm
ornamental moulding rear window plastic chromed (reproduction)
badge "FORD Oval" sill step (sticker, reproduction, set of 2 pieces)
rear axle - wheel bearing kit (per side)
valve guiding bush outlet valve OHV 1,1-1,6l
thermostat OHV 1,1-1,6l 75° (use for summer operation, without gasket)
wheel brake cylinder rear (Ø 19,05 mm)