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Motomobil // My FORD // Fiesta // Mk2

Fiesta MK2

Production time: 09/1983-12/1988
Plants: Cologne (D), Saarlouis (D), Dagenham (GB) and Valencia (E)
Body: compact 3-door sedan

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Mein Focus
Die Cracknutte
Escort RS + Monte
Capri 2.8i
1976 Capri II, V6, 4 speed
Ford 17m
Fiesta Festival

NEW in the shop

steering tie rod end outer
front axle - differential bearing
ornamental moulding windscreen plastic chromed (profile, 4m, 14mm width)
rear axle - wheel bearing grease cap
gearbox-manual synchronous ring 3rd & 4th gear (type BC-speed, type BCtype BC, reproduction)
ignition distributor OHV 1,1l 36-37kW (breakerless, "LUCAS"-type, new part, original igntition booster module has to be removed)
fuel tank filling tube rubber (lower at tank)
engine oil drain plug OHV 1,0-1,1l 33-37kW
radiator expansion tank locking cap (not Diesel, reproduction, chromed, bayonet cover type)
gasket carburettor to intake manifold OHV 1,1l 36-37kW (only "FORD VV"-carburettor)