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gasket fuel pump to engine block OHV 1,2-1,5l
valve guiding bush inlet valve OHV 1,2-1,5l
cylinder head screw OHV 1,2-1,5l (96mm length, you need 8 per car)
thermostat OHV 1,2-1,5l 75° (use for summer operation, without gasket)
ignition distributor OHV 1,2-1,5l (with distributor contact, "LUCAS 45D"-type, new part)
valve guiding bush outlet valve OHV 1,2-1,5l
brake hose rear ("GIRLING" brake system, 3/8 UNF-thread)
thermostat cover OHV 1,2-1,5l (original quality)
brake drum rear (Ø 203mm x 45mm)