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Ford Escort MK1

Production time: 10/1967 – 12/1974
Nickname: Hundeknochen (German for dog´s bone)
Output: above 2.1 million cars
Plants: Saarlouis (D), Genk (B), Port Elizabeth (SA), Cork (IRL), Halewood (GB)
Body variations: 2-door sedan, 3-door station wagon, van

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Motoreinbau Matra 530
73er Taunus 2 Türer vorne
Ford Taunus
1976 Capri II Ghia, V6, 3 speed automati
customs Granni
Ford Granada
1972 FORD 26M turkey
Sheriff vs Avus
Meine Ford Sierras mit Ford Taunus

NEW in the shop

brake disk front fixing plate (only "RS", "MEXICO" & "TWIN CAM")
fuel pump push rod OHC 2,0l "RS 2000" (L=50mm)
rear axle - differential bearing front (heavy german axle, big differential cover, 247mm high)
wheel nut for steel rim "Sport" (chromed, closed, cone seat, 7/16 UNF)
gasket exhaust manifold to cylinder head OHC 2,0l 100HP "RS 2000" (set of 4 pieces)
brake pads set front (only "RS", "MEXICO" & "TWIN CAM", set of 4 pieces for one axle)
dynamo three-phase current OHV 0,9-1,6l (35A, "BOSCH"-type, belt pulley not included)
valve cover reinforcement plate OHC 2,0l "RS 2000" (rear, you need 2 per car)
door locking pin black
rear axle - differential bearing rear (english axle without differential cover)