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Motomobil // My FORD // Fiesta // Mk1

Fiesta MK1

Production time: 05/1976-08/1983
Plants: Cologne (D), Saarlouis (D), Dagenham (GB), Valencia (E)
Body: compact 3-door sedan

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F100 by Hudson
Mein Restaurierter XR2
15M TS Coupé
Fotosession mit Jimself :)
Taunus 1973
Granada Mk1 74 067
1973 TC1

NEW in the shop

radiator cap chromed
ignition distributor capacitor condenser OHV 1,0-1,6l 29-62kW ("MOTORCRAFT"-distributor)
gearbox-manual synchronous ring 3rd & 4th gear (4-speed, type BC, reproduction)
valve guiding bush inlet valve OHV 1,3-1,6l 49-62kW
front axle - differential bearing
ignition distributor OHV 1,6l 62kW (breakerless, "LUCAS"-type, new part, original igntition booster module has to be removed)
gearbox-manual synchronous ring 1st & 2nd gear (type BC-speed, type BCtype BC, reproduction)
engine oil drain plug OHV 1,0-1,6l 29-62kW
wheel hub cap for alloy rim original 6,0 x 13 (4 spokes, original "RS"-option)
gasket carburettor to intake manifold OHV 1,1l 39kW (only "FORD VV"-carburettor)