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Presumably, most of you are not likely to expose your FORD sweetheart to the rigors of winter operation - even though the winters in our latitudes hardly deserve this name.  In terms of "mothballing" or "wintering", we therefore also like to recommend a few things to you.

If you already know and are in hurry:
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parking space

The ideal winter quarters are dry and well ventilated.  Not everybody will be able to afford heating in their second, third or fourth car park - or "at the farmer's", but in principle, cold is not a problem - only the room temperature should remain reasonably constant.  Electric dehumidifiers, if available, granulate dehumidifier, or even a few bags of cat litter help against moisture.

Another last ride ...

Ideally, you will make one last, larger round with your darling - with your other darling in the passenger seat as well.  The engine should have been properly warmed up and the heater has properly heated the interior.  In this way, you get the interior as dry as possible, so he does not stale after the winter break;  Moisture can escape from the body gaps and condensation in the exhaust is removed.

Of course, the weather should play along, wet and snow are contrary to this project.

to the filling station

Just before the winter pit (or the farmer) drive to the gas station and refuel the car.  In empty tanks, moisture forms over longer periods of use - a steel tank threatens to die, and it is unlikely to be procured anymore.  For many of our cars, you have to add lead -free substitute additive anyway anyway;  Today you should also think of the gasoline stabilizer .  Hopefully, taking this opportunity to check the oil level is self-evident anyway.  Whether to change the engine oil before a lifetime is a matter of faith - if it is older, you should consider that.  In general, you should remember that engines from the 60s and 70s have significantly shorter replacement intervals!

Also check the frost protection in the radiator on the tank, even if it is warm in winter storage and you are only riding in summer.  The antifreeze also prevents corrosion in the cooling system and in the engine and lubricates the water pump.  For this reason, it should also be replaced regularly, every 2-3 years, and if you drive relatively much with the old, quiet check more often!

If you do not have a compressor in your winter storage, use it at the gas station and increase the tire pressure.  Clearly, 3 to 4 bar are advisable to prevent so-called stand plates - flattening in the profile - with prolonged non-moving.  There are also special support wedges, which support the tire on a larger part of its circumference and relieve him so.

Washing and cleaning

Even if nobody except yours (and possibly the farmer) gets your darling in front of your eyes, you should not leave it unkempt.  Like any wheeled pedestal, your old Ford needs a thorough wash every now and then.  Since you are just at the gas station, you could perhaps still drive through the car wash ... But rather only take the steam jet there to gently wash the worst dirt from the body, the wheel arches and the underbody.  The thorough dry cleaning inside and outside you take then on the parked vehicle, and take care of paint are and the care of the rubber and chrome parts and the interior.

Just an idea, but if in the car wash a few mouldings are demolished, they  will certainly not survive without injuries.

Taking farewell

Now it goes in the direction of winter storage - if the stay at the gas station has taken so long that the engine and interior have become cold again, please again with a major detour.  Arriving at the camp (or at the farmer's), you put the vehicle down properly - so that it can stay that way for the intended period of time and does not have to be moved if, for example, another car is required or has to be driven out.  Of course, this is especially true if you jack up the vehicle to relieve the springs.

Lift the windscreen wipers so that the rubbers do not stick to the window, leave the windows open.  It does no harm to lubricate door and bonnet hinges and the various locks, cables and levers affected.  In addition, you can still close the air filter inlet and exhaust tailpipe with an oil-soaked cloth.  Some people also swear to remove the spark plugs and inject a preservative into the combustion chambers.

You should not put the handbrake on - otherwise you may have a property in the garage when rusting your levers, trains or baking.

Battery maintenance

If you're using a trickle charger, there's nothing wrong with charging them in the car and connected.  On the other hand, one of the advantages of our classics is that you can disconnect the battery without having to "learn" all systems again afterwards.  So maybe get out with the battery, which has the advantage that you can possibly take it home with you and charge it every 2-3 months with a normal charger.

If the batteries are not maintenance-free, check the fluid level and if necessary add distilled water.  Never top up with battery acid!

Thought of everything?  Then you could say "see you soon".  But attention: Out of sight?  Better not.  The winter break is suitable for maintenance work, repairs or planned modifications, if necessary or planned.  From a certain age - the car - it is advisable to come over again and again, even at a greater distance.  For example, engines with felt or leather gaskets need to be turned a little bit on the crankshaft on a regular basis so that these gaskets are soaked in oil and do not dry out.  Our Ford are but usually too modern.

And depending on where the baby is going to spend the next few months alone, you may also want to think that their safety and well-being may be affected by extraneous or other unpredictable factors.


If that is the case, we will also give you some hints on how the good old man should be brought back to life after his hibernation.  Sure: A Ford almost always starts easily, but already so much: Just drive away is not!

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