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Note for your attention:

The EU commission maintains an internet platform for the arbitration of online trading disputes. This can be reached under:
(It is of course to be used by EU citizens only).

We are however convinced that it will be not necessary to call this arbitration platform. Mistakes and misunderstanding can never be avoided totally, but we are always striving hardly not to let them become a case of dispute.  Therefore and in any case of complaint, please contact us via telephone, fax, e-mail and the contact form.

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P5 17m 2TL-Umbau
Fritzinger Clon
Exhaust Change 1
P7b, 17M 1800S
Schloß Dyck Classik days 2011
Taunus in paprikarot
-71 20m RS Turnier
Oldtimerclub Schöppingen

NEW in the shop

fuel pump V4 1,3-1,7l (reproduction, Ø8mm / 8mm)
engine oil drain plug
radiator damping rubber lower
steering idler shaft (reproduction, not "Turbo")
steering tie rod end inner (set for both sides)
gasket water pump V6 2,0l
gasket differential to axle (english axle without differential cover)
radiator fan blade OHV 1,3l (7 blades, Ø=290mm)
gasket fuel pump to engine block OHV 1,3-1,6l
rocker arm stand washer spring V6 1,8-2,6l