More Cars

Ford England    
Zephyr   1951-1972
Zodiac   1951-1972
Anglia   1953-1967
Consul Classic & Consul Capri   1961-1964
Corsair   1964-1970
Other Manufacturers with FORD-Technology    
Matra 530   1968-1973
Saab 95   1959-1978
Saab 96   1966-1980
Saab 99   1967-1987
Kit-Cars with FORD-Technology    
Fleur de Lys    
Morgan 4x4   OHV Kent-Engine
Panther Kalista   Drivetrain and landing gear from Capri and Taunus
Reliant Scimitar   V6 Essex-Engine and transmission from FORD
Spartan   Engines, axes and transmission from FORD

FORD Concept Cars

Still Teenager?

Our focus is on the FORD from the years of construction up to approx. 2000, i.e. with H-license plate or this at least already in sight. But as we have already said elsewhere: time does not stand still for us either, and that is why we are continuously working on expanding our range.

If you own a younger FORD model and have unexpected problems obtaining spare parts, we will of course also try to help. In some cases you can already find younger FORD models or parts for them in the online shop. If your car cannot be found there in the selection menu, it is best to send us your request using the contact form.

For cars from 1990 onwards, we definitely need the information from the vehicle registration document - chassis number (VIN) and the KBA information on items 2.1 and 2.2 in the new vehicle registration document. You will also make our search much easier if you can already give us reliable FORD spare part numbers, preferably the so-called FINIS number. You should get this from the friendly FORD dealer of your choice, and indeed - important - even if he tells you that the part you are looking for should no longer be available.

As a rule, we will only be able to deliver such parts as part of a special procurement. There are a few special features to consider, which we explain in the FAQs.