OHV 1,1-1,3l "L-Kent" (Valencia) & HCS

Engine Data:
4-cylinder Inline engine, camshaft located in the bottom of the engine block, the valves are operated by solid tappets, push rods and valve levers.

Installed in:
Fiesta MK1 to MK3, Escort MK3 to MK7

This engine is a further development of the very succesful "A-Kent" engine. For the 1976 model year, the Kent engine was modified for transverse installation in the engine compartment of the new Ford Fiesta. The engine has been shortened by 30 mm and the number of main bearings has been reduced from five to three. The engines were now called "Valencia". With the appearance of the third series of the Ford Fiesta in 1989, the new "HCS" engine was introduced. This further development of the "Valencia" - which was named Valencia-HCS (high compression vortex; high compression, swirled) - had a different cylinder head with modified combustion and intake ports, the number of main bearings was again raised from three to five.

Engine Variants Installed In This Car

OHV 1,1l37kW/50HP01/86-08/88GSGL-Kent "Valencia", BL11E
OHV 1,3l44kW/60HP01/86-08/88JLAL-Kent "Valencia", BL11H
OHV 1,3l44kW/60HP01/86-08/88JLBL-Kent "Valencia", BL11H
OHV 1,1l40kW/55HP08/88-07/90GUCHCS, BL11H
OHV 1,1l40kW/55HP08/88-07/90GUFHCS, BL11H
OHV 1,3l44kW/60HP08/88-07/90GUCHCS, JBB, BL13H
OHV 1,3l46kW/63HP08/88-07/90GUCHCS, JBA, BL13H

Engine Code Location

Adjusting Values

Tightening Orders

The cylinder head screws need to be tightened in the order shown on the picture. Start with 50 per cent of the mentioned value and increase until the final value.

Tightening TorqueNm
Cylinder Head90-97
Intake Manifold21-25
Exhaust Manifold21-25
Valve Cover4-5
Spark Plugs30-40
Oil Drain Plug25-35

Firing Order

Firing Order 1-2-4-3

Distributer rotates counter clockwise

CVH 1,1-1,6l 1980-1999

Engine Data:
4-Cylinder Inline engine, overhead camshaft with belt drive, Valves arranged in a V-shape in two units in the hemispherical combustion chamber.
("Compound Valve Hemispherical")

Installed in:
Escort MK3 to MK7, Fiesta MK2 & MK3, Sierra MK2

Engine Variants Installed In This Car

CVH 1,1l40kW/55HP09/80-08/83GMA
CVH 1,1l43kW/59HP09/80-08/83GPA
CVH 1,3l51kW/69HP09/80-12/85JPA
CVH 1,6l58kW/79HP09/80-12/85LPA
CVH 1,6l71kW/97HP09/80-10/82LPA
CVH 1,6i66kW/90HP09/85-12/85L4Binjection MFI
CVH 1,6i77kW/105HP10/82-12/85LRAinjection MFI, "XR3i"
CVH 1,6i85kW/115HP03/82-07/83LUAEinjection
CVH 1,6i97kW/132HP10/84-12/85LPAinjection MFI, "RS Turbo"

Engine Code Location

Adjusting Values

Tightening Order

Tighten the screws in the order shown in the illustration. Start with the first of the specified values ​​and increase to the final value.

Tightening TorqueNm
Cylinder Head25>55>90°turn>90°turn
Intake Manifold16-20
Exhaust Manifold14-17
Valve Cover6-8
Oil Drain Plug21-28

Firing Order

Cylinder 1 on the right hand in direction of driving

Firing Order 1-3-4-2