V4 1,2 - 1,7l "Köln" / "Cologne"

Engine data:
OHV engine with camshaft located in the engine block. Cast iron engine block and cylinder heads. The camshaft and an axuliary shaft are driven by spur gears. The valves are operated by solid tappets, push rods and valve levers.

Installed in:
P4, P5, P6, P7, Capri MK1, Transit MK1

Factory installed was the "Open Deck" engine which had free-standing cylinder liners and a open water jacket.
The matching "Open Deck" cylinder heads had a spark plug thread length of 12,7mm.
In November 1967, the so-called "closed deck" engines were introduced. These can be identified by their spark plug thread length of 19,0mm.

Engine Variants Installed In This Car

EnginePowerEngine CodeYearComment
V4 1,2l33kW / 45HP209/66-11/67LC-engine, "Open Deck"
V4 1,2l33kW / 45HPPX11/67-05/68LC-engine, "Closed Deck"
V4 1,3l37kW / 50HP309/66-11/67LC-engine, "Open Deck"
V4 1,3l37kW / 50HPJX11/67-05/70LC-engine, "Closed Deck"
V4 1,3l39kW / 53HP3H09/66-11/67HC-engine, "Open Deck"
V4 1,3l39kW / 53HPJY11/67-05/70HC-engine, "Closed Deck"
V4 1,5l40kW / 55HPL508/66-11/67LC-engine, "Open Deck"
V4 1,5l40kW / 55HPEX11/67-05/70LC-engine, "Closed Deck"
V4 1,5l48kW / 65HP508/66-11/67HC-engine, "Open Deck"
V4 1,5l48kW / 65HPEY11/67-05/70HC-engine, "Closed Deck"
V4 1,7l51kW / 70HP808/66-11/67HC-engine, "Open Deck"
V4 1,7l55kW / 75HPMY09/68-05/70HC-engine, "Closed Deck"

Engine Code Location & Cylinder Head Identifier

Cylinder Head Identifier

V4 1,2lB
V4 1,3lBC
V4 1,5lA
V4 1,7lA

Adjusting Values

Tightening Orders

Tighten the screws in the order shown in the illustration. Start with about half of the specified value and increase to the final value.

Tightening TorqueNm
Cylinder head90-110
Intake manifold21-25
Exhaust manifold21-25
Valve cover5-8
Spark plugs30-40
Oil drain plug21-28

Firing Order

Cylinder 1 front right in the direction of driving

Firing order 1-3-4-2

Ignition distributor rotates clockwise