Original State

If you have fallen in love with a car that has 30 or even 40 years under its wheels, you must be aware that this darling might have some secrets. A FORD was quite possibly a normal workhorse that was just kept "alive". With the procurement of spare parts today, one can then come to unpredictable surprises (surprises are actually always unpredictable). The 2-liter OHC in your Capri may have seen the light of day as a Taunus engine, and the one or spare part may then look a little different than the one previously installed.

Popular examples are e.g. the brakes, which may have been donated from a more powerful model version, or carburetor conversions, either to increase performance or simply because there were no other parts. We have only been in the business for 30 years, and even in their youth our Fords were often the victims of talented amateur tuners. If the car has been driven for decades with such a conversion, you don't necessarily recognize something like this, even if you look closely.

Why are we telling this?

Our parts lists are very extensive and quite complete. If we can assign parts using the chassis number and vehicle documents stating the displacement and power, these are usually the correct ones. If your vehicle has been modified as described, it is of course possible that some of our parts "do not fit". In such a case, please call or email, preferably with pictures of the old parts and the spare parts we have delivered. In the vast majority of cases, we can procure the right parts. Unused parts can be returned. Unfortunately, we cannot cover the postage costs in such a case, but you have learned something about your car again.