Exchange Parts

Many spare parts are manufactured on the basis of used old parts: These are dismantled, thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary, painted, wear parts are replaced and the overhauled spare part is checked for function and restored to a new condition, whereever possible. This circulatory system is also maintained by the major automakers for current models. These reconditioned parts are subject to the same warranty as brand new ones. For parts that are no longer manufactured, this system is also the only way to provide functional spare parts again.
The deposit for old parts (AT) is based on the value of the spare part and the current supply situation with old parts.

The following deposit levels are available:

AT1 15,00 €
AT2 25,00 €
AT3 30,00 €
AT4 50,00 €
AT5 75,00 €
AT6 125,00 €
AT7 225,00 €
AT8 350,00 €

Please note: Units such as alternators, starters or carburettors may not be returned disassembled. Defects such as broken housings, damaged brackets or the like are also criteria that exclude a refund of the deposit. The same applies to invisible damage, which we can only determine after checking the old parts you have returned. It can also not be ruled out that your old parts have already been reconditioned before, even then a renewed overhaul may not be possible.

After receiving an old part that can be reconditioned, the deposit will be refunded. If the reconditioned parts are delivered by us in a manufacturer's packaging, please send the old part back in this box. The postage for the return shipment is to be paid by the customer; shipping as an insured package is recommended.
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Important Notice

For some articles we point out in the description that the old part is required in advance. So we have neither reconditioned nor reconditionable parts in stock and need your old part for the overhaul. As a rule, the car will not be drivable during the processing time, although this period can extend to 4 - 6 weeks, in individual cases possibly longer.