Customs & Taxes

The tax, a hot topic for some, but our states have to live on something.

Hence a few explanations.

  • Shipping within Germany:
    We issue a commercial invoice with declared, statutory German VAT.
  • Shipping delivery to private customers in EU countries:
    We will issue a commercial invoice with VAT shown.
    For certain countries, the VAT rate applicable in the destination country is charged, which may differ from that applicable in Germany.
  • Shipping deliveries to commercial customers in EU member states:
    We issue a commercial invoice excluding VAT, if a valid "VAT identification number" is available.
    Note: This VAT ID does not correspond to the domestic tax number!
  • Shipping deliveries to private and commercial customers in non-EU countries:
    These are generally made without showing VAT.
    Depending on the invoice amount, customs in the destination country will contact the customer and claim import sales tax.
  • Pick-ups by private customers residing within the EU:
    We issue a commercial invoice with declared, statutory German VAT.
  • Collection by commercial customers from other EU countries (with VAT identification number)
    Here we need a confirmation of arrival when you come to us, without which we cannot issue an invoice without German VAT.

Please note the following:

- The goods must be picked up by the owner or an authorized signatory of the receiving company.
- It is not possible to hire a forwarder such as TNT or UPS!
- Upon pickup, an ID card must be presented as proof of the person.
- Representatives must submit a legally valid power of attorney and a copy of the owner's or
  authorized signatory's ID.
- A copy of the ID card and the power of attorney are retained by us and are an indispensable part
  of the entry certificate.
- The receiving company declares that this confirmation will export the goods directly, i.e. on the day of
  pickup to the destination country (company headquarters).

Collection by customers (private as well as commercial) from non-EU countries:
Is treated like any sale within Germany.
We therefore advise customers in non-EU countries against picking up the parts they have ordered themselves or having them sent to a German delivery address because of the shipping costs. Due to the geographic situation, this mostly affects customers in Switzerland. If the import sales tax applicable there is charged when importing into the destination country despite the gross invoice and the German value added tax being paid, a retroactive refund of the German value added tax is not possible.