Your delivery arrives damaged - or not at all? It arrives, but the parts don't fit the car? Or is there something completely different in the parcel than expected? It's always annoying, but where people work, mistakes are made, it will always be like that. And since we're not robots, we sometimes make mistakes.

Please note: Regardless of the nature of the complaint, please inform us first and do not simply return the wrong parts. Maybe there is just a mistake and you need the supposedly wrong parts. Or we waive the return, because the resulting costs are too high. In our own interest, we are always interested in regulating complaints like the ones mentioned above to the satisfaction of our customers. In order for this to work, the customer also has to work with us.

So: If something is wrong with the delivery, please let us know immediately, preferably by email with informative digital photos and stating the invoice or customer number. Even if parts do not fit, photos are very useful, take photos of your old part on the left and the delivered, unsuitable part on the right, so that the differences are easy to see.

In the case of damaged parts, the matter is clear, as is if something is missing or if we have delivered something other than what is stated on your order and on the invoice. We will arrange a replacement as soon as possible - if available.

If parts are missing, please have a look at the invoice, which is usually sent by email: It is possible that we will send a part from your order that is not available at short notice shortly without shipping costs. Or the delivery consists of 2 parcels, of which you have only received one.

Something different are parts that do not fit unexpectedly: There can be various reasons for this, see the FAQs under "Original State". We try to identify the right parts and deliver them as quickly as possible; however, this is not always possible and there may be longer waiting times. Wait until we can offer a solution (or have to cancel the order) before sending back parts that do not fit - if the replacement does not fit, you or we will save unnecessary postage costs.