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Credit card
  • Fast payment 
  • If all parts are in stock, these are packed and, depending on the time of the order, shipped on the same day, otherwise the next working day.
  • If you have chosen a partial delivery, non-stocked parts will be re-delivered, this will incur additional shipping costs.
  • Your credit card details are encrypted for security via SSL.
  • You have no further steps to take.

Required are the name of the cardholder and the credit card company, the 16-digit number, the expiry date and the three-digit control number on the back of the card.

Note: The invoice amount is only collected on the day of shipping your order from your credit card account!

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Ford Granada Mark 2 '78 V6
Ford taunus (Moscow)
Mein Project
1971 XL
73er GXL 2000V6
69er 17m 1800s
War mal meiner
Der Kölsche Jung.

NEW in the shop

connecting rod bearing set 1,5-1,8l 8-pieces standard
gearbox-manual countershaft guide front V6 2,8-2,9i 107-110kW (5-speed, type 9)
weatherstrip rear window (only in connection with moulding)
clip moulding front wing (fastening nut for clipping screw)
window crank retaining spring
clip ornamental moulding rear panel 15M (plastic)
rear axle - drive shaft sealing ring to differential
front axle - bump stop
gasket fuel pump cover V6 2,0l
fuel tank cap sedan (not lockable, vented, steel)