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We are a small team and none of these internet giants with free all-round service (and often questionable staff handling).

We have relatively regular working hours and weekends and holidays mostly free.

Nevertheless, in 98% of all cases we manage to place your orders on the day of receipt of the payment or at the latest on the next working day. At holiday times or with currently very high order volume, it can sometimes take a day longer - for this we ask for your understanding.

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26 m coupe
Taunus 1976
Slalom RS2000
my transit
Transit Jubilee
Robbi´s Capri
de Alouette gibts gratis dazu...

NEW in the shop

valve guiding bush outlet valve (all engines, may require machining)
gearbox-manual drive shaft guide bearing (4-speed, type A)
brake pads set front (set of 4 pieces for one axle)
ornamental moulding door channel front left hand 4-door
valve inlet V6 2,8l & 2,8i oversize +0,2mm (42,1 x 8,20 x 105,7mm)
door handle outer front set (incl. 2 handles & keys for front doors)
rear axle - shock absorber damping rubber lower
clip moulding hinged window rear lateral lower
cylinder head dowel inside engine block V4 1,2-1,5l (L=16,0mm)
steering tie rod end outer (thread M14)