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We about us

Everything started when tinkering on our own cars: We had to realize that there were as good as no spare parts available for our old FORDs. So we took the whole thing into our own hands and founded the OLD CARS & PARTS SHOP in 1989. Since 2004 the name is MOTOMOBIL, and since March 2009 we have a permanent residence after all the rambling years in Zorneding - east of Munich.

A staff of 16, we are doing everything possible there to keep your boxes running.

At times when there is a lot going on - which is actually the normal condition every day - we pack over 100 parcels containing FORD spare parts and ship them to customers literally all over the world and on every continent. There are a few exceptions, but they only affect areas of the world where people have very different problems than keeping their old FORD running.

We can supply about 50,000 different items from stock: wearing parts, body parts and repair sheets, trim and attachments, accessories, workshop manuals and parts catalogs and much more from A-Z. Since times are a changing also for us old- and youngtimer friends, we strive to constantly expand our delivery program. We are happy to assist you with problems and technical questions with words and deeds.

A request: To facilitate our work and to avoid unnecessary waiting for all customers, look up before a call or an e-mail in our FAQs to see if there may already be an answer to your questions there.

Have fun browsing through our website. Suggestions and criticism are welcome!

Your Team Motomobil

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12M Turnier
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NEW in the shop

bumper front black (not for rubber strip, reproduction)
radiator fan blade OHV 1,3l (7 blades, Ø=290mm)
valve inlet V6 2,3l standard
fuel tank filling tube connecting hose (not fuel injection)
brake booster pressure hose (profile, per meter, inner-Ø=12mm)
fuel injector V6 2,9i 152kW "RS Cosworth" BOB
ignition cable bracket on valve cover (for 2 cables, black, design 1, please compare picture)
wheel lhouse extension front left hand "RS Turbo" (original)
switch turn signal (only LHD, with headlight flash, reproduction)
clip moulding front wing (plastic)