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Ford granada 2.0
Taunus 1600L coupé
69er 17m 1800s
Escort MK2
miittinki riihimäki suomi
Marlin Berlinetta V6
meine 3 Schätzchen

NEW in the shop

rear axle - drive shaft gasket to axle housing (FT 60-115 & 100L, english axle without differential cover)
valve guiding bush outlet valve (all engines, may require machining)
weatherstrip windscreen Coupé (reproduction, like original)
clip moulding vinyl roof end (plastic)
sealing headlamp at chassis
switch reversing light manual gearbox (4-speed, type B, rare type, 3/4" thread, reproduction)
engine crankshaft ventilation connection hose valve cover to regulating valve V6 2,0l 85-90HP
cutch pedal rubber pad
wheel brake cylinder front (Ø 28,57mm, not "FK 1500")
bumper support front left hand inner