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Artikel am Lager green: on stock
Please note: our online-shop does not work real-time. Even if shown as available, it may happen that parts cannot be delivered at once because they have concurrently been sold in another order.
This means that also when ordering a green indicated article, short waiting time may occur.
Normally we will give you a corresponding advice if you will have to wait longer than 1 or 2 days.


Mit Beschaffungszeit yellow: available in short term
This part is not in stock, but we have a supplier. Normally frequently requested parts have already been re-ordered. Rarely requested parts will only be re-orderd if we have an inquiry for them. Unfortunately, it is not possible to assure a fix delivery date. The most standard parts are available within a few days, but for some reconditioned parts where we need your old core in advance, the delivery time could be up to 3 months.
Important: It may also appear that parts indicated yellow emerge to be no longer availabe. Normally we will give you a corresponding advice if you will have to wait longer than 14 days. It may also happen that the purchase price will increase until availability due to the fact that we have to pay more for that item to our supplier.


Unsicher blue: availability must be detected
The part is not in stock and we do not have a regular supplier for it, but after receiving an order we will try to find a procurement solution. The related research may last several days and we cannot give any forecast about its success.
Such parts will be delivered mostly as special procurement, which means they can normally not be returned and we do not grant any professional or special discounts on them. Additional cost may occur that cannot be given in the catalogues, price lists or in the online shop.
We will inform you about procurement time and cost via e-mail.


Nicht lieferbar red: not available

This article cannot be delivered and we do not know any supplier or manufacturer for it. But never give up hope.



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Escort MK1 1300 Sport 1
taunus tc2 giha 2l
Ex Feuerwehr innen
de Alouette gibts gratis dazu...
Ford Scorpio 2.0 i GLX, Kombi, Jg. 1992

 The Mechanics Board

renehaschert, 04.09.20 // 07:53
Kuddl, 23.08.20 // 09:21
HAGEN, 20.08.20 // 22:45
xsborni, 13.08.20 // 09:59

NEW in the shop

turn indicator lens white (reproduction)
wiper blade windscreen chromed (380mm, per piece, incl. adaptor for 8,5mm U-style fixing & 7,2mm bajonett fixing, please compare picture)
door lock striker front left hand (incl. carrier plate)
sticker "engine check" (Ø28mm, Thermostrip, indicates the engine temperature , 99-121°C)
weatherstrip door frame to door body front right hand
bumper corner plug cap
front axle - leaf spring bushing rear (you need 8 per car)
front axle - anti roll bar (sway bar) mounting bush Ø 19mm "HD Polyurethane" (set of 2 pieces for 1 car)
rocker arm stand washer spring V6 1,8-2,6l