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Motomobil // My FORD // 17m/20m/26m (P7)

Ford Taunus 17M/20M (P7a)
Production time: 05/1967 – 08/1968
Output: 155.780 cars
Plants: Cologne (D)




Ford Taunus 17M/20M/26M (P7b)
Production time: 08/1968 – 12/1972
Output: 567.842 cars
Plants: Cologne (D) and Genk (B)

Body variations: 2- and 4-door sedan, 3- and 5-door station wagon, coupé

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GCS Hawke - Morgan Replika
Ford P7b 26M
fischfuzzy capri 1
Spass uff de gass
mk1 2.3 v6 gl
granada mk2 2.3 L
Nächtlicher Streifzug

NEW in the shop

weatherstrip crank-operated window rear Coupé (front sealing lip, for one window, reproduction)
interior light (without chromed frame, reproduction)
front axle - spring strut insert (shock absorber insert) gas-filled
valve cover reinforcement plate V6 1,8-2,6l (cambered type, you need 10 per car)
valve inlet V6 2,3l standard
carburettor linkage bushing in fire wall
gasket water pump V6 1,8-2,3l
rear axle - crownwheel & pinion set, gear ratio 1 : 3,75
oil seal balance shaft front V4 1,5-1,7l
windscreen washing system t-connection piece (without ball valve)