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Motomobil // My FORD // 17m (P3)

Ford Taunus 17m (P3)

Production time: 10/1960-08/1964
Nickname: Badewanne (bath tub)
Output: 669.715
Plants: Cologne (D)
Body variations: 2- and 4-door sedan, 3-door station wagon, convertible

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RS Getriebe - 4 Gang Sport
Escort MK1 mal ein wenig anders
Knudsen Taunus 1975
capri 74
Frisch vom Lacker
Boot lid "Taunus L"
Da Niki is ja auch mal Capri gfoan...
Projekt XR4x4

NEW in the shop

rear axle - differential bearing rear
cardan shaft (propshaft) universal joint repair kit (Ø22mm, L=67mm)
gasket thermostat cover 1,5-1,8l
clip door panel
rear axle - shock absorber oil-filled
wiper blade windscreen chromed (350mm, per piece)
weatherstrip rear window sedan (reproduction, profile, 4m)
front axle - spring strut insert (shock absorber insert) gas-filled (from chassis-nr. 730919)
swivel window frame front right hand
front axle - track control arm bolt to engine mounting member