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Motomobil // My FORD // 17m (P3)

Ford Taunus 17m (P3)

Production time: 10/1960-08/1964
Nickname: Badewanne (bath tub)
Output: 669.715
Plants: Cologne (D)
Body variations: 2- and 4-door sedan, 3-door station wagon, convertible

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Transit Womo - nicht mehr ganz original
MK 1 & TC 2
Ford Consul 3,0 GXL Restaurierung
tc2 1.6gl
meine Maya 2
Treffen Berching 2012
2300 GT

NEW in the shop

brake pedal rubber pad
rear axle - differential sealing ring front Ø 38mm
headlamp casing "HELLA" (with diffusing glass & sealing, only LHD)
fuel tank cap sedan (lockable, vented, stainless steel)
weatherstrip swivel window front lower right hand
valve outlet 1,5-1,8l standard (up to chassis-nr. 684987, Ø 31,4 x 8,00 x 108,7 mm)
engine oil drain plug
fuel tank cap sedan (not lockable, vented, steel)
gasket crankshaft bearing cover rear 1,5-1,8l (you need 2 per car)
oil seal crankshaft front 1,5-1,8l