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Motomobil // My FORD // 17m (P2)

Ford Taunus 17m (P2)

Production time: 1957 – 1960
Output: 239.973 cars
Plants: Cologne (D) and Amsterdam (NL)
Body variations: sedan (2- und 4-door), 3-door station wagon and convertible

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Taunus in Kiev
Alles steht Kopf
Granada Mk1 74 067
Taunus in paprikarot
Ford P7A 2500s
Resto cossi
Mein 26 m in Seitenansicht
Ford Transit Bj. 1981 Wohnmobil

NEW in the shop

rear axle - differential sealing ring front Ø 38mm
connecting rod bearing set 8-pieces standard
gasket carburettor to intermediate flange (not for heatable spacer, reproduction)
rear axle - shock absorber oil-filled
wheel nut for steel rim (chromed, closed, cone seat, 7/16 UNF)
hand brake cable fastening clip rear (you need 2 per car)
valve outlet standard
steering idler arm bushing (4-pieces set)
gear-shift linkage fixing clip
wheel brake cylinder boot rear inner