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Motomobil // My FORD // 12m/15m (P6)

Ford Taunus 12m/15m (P6)

Production time: 09/1966-05/1970
Output: 668.187 cars
Plants: Cologne (D)
Body variations: 2- and 4-door sedan, 3-door station wagon, 2-door coupé

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Taunus in paprikarot
Ford Scorpio 2.4 i CL, V 6, Jg. 1989,
just for fun
Mein Ford p7a 1968 20m 2000s
12m aus erster Hand
my taunus 17MP2
Reliant Scimitar SE6
meiner =))
20m Turnier 2,8 May Turbo

NEW in the shop

ignition distributor cap V4 1,2-1,7l (for "BOSCH"-distributor with outer cap-Ø=74mm, please compare picture)
oil seal balance shaft front V4 1,2-1,7l
clutch bearing without hub
valve inlet V4 1,2-1,3l oversize +0,2mm
spark plug V4 1,2-1,7l (short thread, HC-engine, "MOTORCRAFT")
valve guiding bush outlet valve (all engines, may require machining)
gearbox-manual sealing ring gearbox casing side to drive shaft
camshaft fixing plate fastening screw V4 1,2-1,7l (screw head height = 2,00mm)
gasket water pump V4 1,2-1,7l
clip moulding vinyl roof end (plastic)