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Motomobil // My FORD // 12m/15m (P6)

Ford Taunus 12m/15m (P6)

Production time: 09/1966-05/1970
Output: 668.187 cars
Plants: Cologne (D)
Body variations: 2- and 4-door sedan, 3-door station wagon, 2-door coupé

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2300s xl
Most far travelled
Blue Velvet
Anprobe HA-Teile
FT 130
2300 GT
73er Taunus 2 Türer Limo Hinten

NEW in the shop

steering tie rod end outer (thread M12)
valve cover reinforcement plate V4 1,2-1,7l (cambered type, you need 8 per car)
valve inlet V4 1,2-1,3l oversize +0,2mm
clutch bearing without hub
gearbox-manual crank spigot bearing (pilot bearing) V4 1,2-1,7l (19,0 x 12,7 mm)
brake pedal rubber pad
engine compartment sticker set (sheet with 11 stickers, like original)
cylinder head screw V4 1,2-1,7l (73mm length)
weatherstrip hood to body shell (rear hood edge, 1,5m)
clip ornamental moulding rear panel 15M (plastic)