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Motomobil // My FORD // 12m/15m (G13 and G4)

Ford Taunus 12m/15m (G13 and G4)

G4 15m/G13 12m G13 12m
"Weltkugel" ("World Globe")
"Streifen-Taunus" ("Stripes-Taunus")
Output: 245.614 cars
Plants: Cologne (D)
Body variations: 2-door sedan, 3-door wagon, convertible, pick-up truck and van

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3000 L
Transit Womo - nicht mehr ganz original
granada pick up
Built Tough
Mein Ford p7a 1968 20m 2000s
Rallyeproject EVO2
Mein Restaurierter XR2
Min 20m ts coupe objekt

NEW in the shop

hand brake cable fastening clip rear (you need 2 per car)
clutch bearing hub 1,5l
valve outlet 1,5l standard
engine oil drain plug 1,5l
gasket carburettor to intermediate flange 1,5l (reproduction)
brake hose rear (length=420mm)
weatherstrip windscreen (reproduction)
brake hose front (length=420mm)
wheel nut for steel rim (chromed, closed, cone seat, 7/16 UNF)
gasket crankshaft bearing cover rear 1,5l (you need 2 per car)