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Motomobil // My FORD // 12m (P4)

Ford Taunus 12m (P4)

Production time: 08/1962-08/1966
Output: 680.206 vehicles
Body variations: 2- and 4-door sedan, 2-door coupĂ©, 3-door station wagon and van

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Heikos Taunus
17M Dornröschen Motorraum nach 25 Jahren
Sierra Brilliant
FORD Puma 1.7
Für die Transe kein Problem
erste Waschung überstanden - aber

NEW in the shop

valve guiding bush outlet valve (all engines, may require machining)
valve guiding bush inlet valve (all engines, may require machining)
gearbox-manual gasket gearbox cover
front axle - track control arm guide bush (only for front disk brake, reproduction, you need 4 per car)
water pump V4 1,2-1,5l
valve outlet V4 1,5l oversize +0,2mm
valve outlet V4 1,2l oversize +0,4mm
carburettor repair kit V4 1,2-1,5l 40-50HP ("SOLEX 28/32 PDSIT-4"-carburettor)
gearbox cross member insulator to body shell 8-pieces set (only drum brakes)
weatherstrip rear door estate (profile, 6 meter)